Friday, October 5, 2012


A New Print Series

Have been doing  intaglio editions on copper plates using acrylic resists and ferric chloride mordant,so I can do this out on the lawn having been banned from the bathroom for ruining the bathtub.  That stuff stains and is nearly impossible to remove but the grass doesn't seem to mind.
 The series is mostly about Japan and inspired by traditional themes, line work etc.   Printmaking those centuries ago was part of the popular culture and took the place of present day glossy mags, They were sold on the street and were the equivalent of everything from 'People' to 'Hustler'.  As nothing changes, economics required they push the limits of the acceptable - many notable artists like Utamaro did prison time for offending the sensibilities with some of his erotic work.  Much of which is too explicit for my own tastes - so I have toned my own efforts a long way down from their matter of fact material.

The Floating World of the Antarctic Spring 34x29 cm.


  1. Good to see the development of your etching in the Printmaking studio last Wednesday George.

    1. Hi Joanne
      Have started a new blog as per latest this site. Hope you might find it interesting.