Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Gadarene Swine

The following three items are older works.

The Gadarene Swine is oil on masonite with a carved huon pine frame, 950 x1000. The story is that Jesus came to the land of the Gadarenes and was told of a madman who dwelt by the Sea of Galilee possessed of a demon. He went to the man and said "Demon, what is thy name?"
And the answer came; "We are legion." (which is to say there were a lot of them)
"Oh Son of God, cast us not into the abyss, rather let us enter yonder herd of pigs on the hillside."
And at that the demons fled from the afflicted man, entered the herd of pigs, which fled down the hill and plunged into Galilee and were drowned all 2000 of them and the Gadarenes asked Jesus to please leave their country.
As if the well- being of one madman was more important to the economy than 2000 pigs. The Gadarenes cannot have been very good Jews, for it is the law that no pig should set foot in the land of Israel. So the kibbutzim raise them on platforms these days. Here I am emphasizing the Malthusian connotations.

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